Couponing For A Cause

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”
Mary Anne Radmacher

As couponers, we can use our couponing super powersto do alot of good in the world.  We can use our skills and stockpiles to be a benefit to our communities.  it is a great feeling to do a massive haul and then turn and donate it.  It is a double coupon high!!! 

 Also, when you get a new cell phone, donate your old can save a life!!!!

Food Pantries

One great place to donate your stockpile/couponing excess is your local food pantry.   Every few months, hubby and I clean out the stockpile and donate items to various charities.  We donated twice to our local food pantry this year. It was a nice feeling to be able to walk in there with 10 boxes of stuff.  Couponing has allowed us to be able to donate and help people in ways that we would not otherwise be able to afford to do. For us, this is one of the best things about couponing!!!

Other Places to Donate

Look for local non-profits, particularly those that help families, women and children.  Here are some local and national links.

Monroe County, NY

Needs- Office Supplies, Furniture & Household Items

National Links

International Links